“I was more than impressed with everything, including Nico Dekker (CEO of CTFS) and the work he has done. I’m no stranger to new studios, and what Nico has done with the tanks (for the production of Black Sails), the facilities and the craftsmanship truly exceeds what I have seen in the United States. You (Nico) are at the forefront, and there is massive competition behind you. I went to South Korea last year, I’ve been to Jordan and the Czech Republic and they all want to be involved in this business but I’ve never seen the degree of investment and courage as I’ve seen in South Africa.”
Vance Van Petten, Executive Director, Producers Guild of America

“In terms of technology, South Africa is actually ahead of the curve in many respects. Those sound stages at Cape Town Film Studios are incredibly advanced, and beyond anything I have seen before.”

Kate Beyda, Senior Vice-President of Physical Production, Warner Bros

“We had the opportunity to go to the CTFS and they are state-of-the-art, and the level of craftsmanship on top of that far surpassed any expectations. I was also able to validate numbers in terms of crew rates, and I look forward to bringing movies here.”

Sara Spring, Senior Vice President of Feature Production, Paramount

“I would just like to thank you (Nico Dekker) for allowing us to film at the wonderful Cape Town Film Studios. You and your crew were fantastic to work with and truly proved yourself as a world class studio. I know Warner Brothers was extremely pleased with the results and is more than anxious to come back and work here again.”

Tom Keniston, Executive Producer, “House Party”

“Thank you (Nico Dekker) for such a great experience at your studios. It was a real pleasure coming to work every day and we always felt really looked after. It was a great place to work and always had a really positive vibe. I’ll never forget my time there.”

Steve Hughes, Director, “Leonardo ll”

“Thank you (Nico Dekker) for all of your generous support with “Chronicle”. We all felt so grateful to be able to be based at Cape Town Film Studios for our entire prep and shoot. And whenever we needed something you guys were there to help! You did such an amazing job in laying out and designing the studios! It is truly a world-class state-of-the art facility. In addition your high-speed data line proved invaluable in keeping Fox constantly on the same page regarding our digital dailies… I really can’t thank you and your whole crew enough! I hope to bring another feature back there real soon, and in the meantime from all of us at Chronicle, we wish you well!”

Jim Dodson, Executive Producer, “Chronicle”, 20th Century Fox

“And – that’s a wrap. 12 hours of larkish fun. Must say deeply impressed with brand new Cape Town Studios. Make Pinewood etc look v shabby”

Stephen Fry on Twitter during the filming of “The Borrowers”

“There are only a few places in the world that can handle this kind of movie.” – “Something that will look like a $100 million for less than half that figure.”

Andrew Macdonald, “Dredd” producer in TIME Magazine

“We had an excellent experience working at Cape Town Film Studios. Nico and his team were immensely helpful to the production and provided a superb and highly efficient studio environment in which to shoot. In addition, the local South African crew was first-rate. The whole experience was extremely positive and we would readily do it again.”

Alex Garland, writer and a producer of “Dredd”

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