Stage 1

Stage 1 (2 100m² or 22 600ft²) has a roof height of 20 m (65.6ft) with a lighting gantry at 15m (49.2ft) height with 1,5m (4.9 ft) walkways. The lighting gantries has a hanging capacity of 150kg/m² and a point load of 1,8 tonnes. A full range of guaranteed electrical supply options (2.5 MVA Eskom supply and 2 x 500 KVA back-up generators) and a soundproof rating of 55 DB ensure production proceeds without any interruption.
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Size 2 100m² 22 600ft²
Height to Gantry 15m 49ft
Length 54.5m 179ft
Width 38.5m 126ft
stage1 gr
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Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
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