Welcome to the new world of Cape Town Film Studios. This innovative portal was created by Adriaan van Zyl from AVZ Web and Multimedia.

The new website is our interface with you. It will grow and develop, just like the studios. Construction has started and those who pass on the N2 and the R310 will notice the incredible hive of activity as bulldozers and workers toil away in the dust. You might also see some cattle:

Cows at the Cape Town Film Studios building site
Let’s just say we are very innovative business people and are keeping our options open!

You can also meet the new team here. Diana Jane Weaver, my trusted PA of many years, has left us to fulfil a lifelong ambition to work for a church organisation. Her place will be filled by Kim Perumal, with Adri Johnson joining us on reception. The core management team consists of Rashay Magan, Ross Rayners and Fadiel Martin. I truly believe that our talented management team has the ability and drive to meet all future challenges (and, let’s face it, they will be big). We are guided and supported by our highly competent team of directors led by Anant Singh of Videovision Entertainment and Marcel Golding from Sabido Investments (e.tv). Read more about them under the “About us” tab. A formidable technical and project management team has been formed - have a look under the “Concept and Design” tab.

Together, our goal is for Cape Town Film Studios to become the filmmaking gateway between Africa and the international world.

This website is your invitation to interact with us; to share your insights, ideas and opinions. Future filmmakers – have a look at the “Film World” section and the “Creative Platform” where you can showcase your work. We hope to act as a bridge and promoter to international distributors, buyers and broadcasters.

Use the “Forum” to start discussions that are important to the film industry, be it on a national or international level. We also intend using the “Forum” to discuss issues that are important to us and look forward to doing so.

The website has many surprises, such as extracts and photos from our event on the 1st of December 2008. View clips of the hilarious Riaad Moosa and listen to the beautiful voice of Golda Schultz by going to the “Creative Platform” under the “Film World” tab. If photo captions need to be corrected, please let us know. 

Detailed information and progress reports in the form of photographs will be uploaded regularly as the studios grow. We invite you to join us in creating the first holistic film world of its kind in Africa.

To quote Schiller, a German poet: “Beauty alone confers happiness on all, and under its influence every being forgets that he is limited.”

I believe that a task like this can only be achieved by combining  creativity, competence and playfulness with a powerful vision. It is our dream to create something of beauty - something that will inspire everybody to believe in our film industry – a place that will give birth to a vibrant and sustainable filmmaking culture.

As George Bernard Shaw wrote – “Some people look at the world as it is and ask why. I dream of worlds that never were and ask why not”.

Nico Dekker